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hi, i'm christy cheung

toronto, canada

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Hi there 👋 thanks for visiting! My curiosity has led me through a whirlwind of experiences spanning from finance, VC, DTC, tech and consulting. My experiences spans across multiple industries including health, retail, and tech.

I love to learn and enjoy picking up new hobbies and projects. I recently learned a bit of html & css and built this page so I could try it out for myself!


working with Fortune 500s as a management consultant
learning Intro to Web Development
building TravoShare
learning french
advocating for mental health accessibility
hand drawn graphic




candle making




HBA, Ivey Business School

BSc Medical Science, Western University

1 publication

Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology: Postnatal knockout of beta cell insulin receptor impaired insulin secretion in male mice exposed to high-fat diet stress